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Insider - 2022 Dior Cruise Collection, between heritage and modernity!

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At the panathenaic stadium in the heart of athensthe 2022 dior cruise collectionbetween heritage and modernitymeeting with the creative director maria grazia chiurimusician ionna gika, takes the stage in a spider-like dress, accompanied by the athens national orchestrainterview with maria grazia chiuri, creative director:when i arrived at dior five years ago, i saw this beautiful image of the model of dior, in greece, and i found this image really dreamy and that happened in 1951. so this year, i say, it would be great to celebrate the anniversary and to come back to greece and to realise the show there. the cruise is a not a simple show, it's really a community show where we work in dialogue and collaboration with many different artists, many different artisans, it's a dialogue, but very exciting.i try to translate some elements that i really appreciate in this kind of dress like peplum, because it's light, it's easy to wear.also, it's something that is very traditional dior, that is the jacket. so we realise also the bar jacket in the silk that is very soft, very comfortable, less construction and speak more about freedom.i think in the mythology, especially the figure of the women mythology, are all linked with this idea of thread, with penelope.so it is also a link with this idea of femininity, divine feminity that i want to celebrate.another important element in greece is water, the sea that you have around. and so we would like to recreate that effect in the atelier. it was super hard, we spent a lot of time to understand. like with the chiffon, because it's not embrodery, it's really only work of the atelier.i discovered this beautiful image of marlene dietrich, who was a very important client of mr dior, a good friend of mr dior. she wore a beautiful dress of feathers. when i saw this image, i said, oh, i want to realise a dress like this in the dior atelier. it was very exciting.and the other side, also the image of her on the boat and i decided to make a new jacket for dior that i call the marlene jacket.i think all the collection in some way, also the idea to make the show inside the stadium and to be in dialogue with your body. with the necessity also, that we have today, to move in our body, to be free with the dress. all the dresses are in this attitude.i'm very happy about this experience with dior. i learned a lot.i think it was a conversation between two different points of view about approaches towards fashion.i think that i'm very lucky and i'm really happy and i thank you, the dior house to give me this opportunity to realise my creativity, my dream. i'm really happy about this. i learned a lot, it was very intense, but it's very exciting too.i do this with passion, if i maintain the spirit, that gives me a lot.music issued from the fashion show