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R-Evolution Business - Jean-Marc Bellaiche, meeting of the CEO of the Printemps group

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what is the printemps group?19 shops1 outlet8 citadium4 internet sites: printemps, citadium, place des tendances & made in design3,400 employees70 million visitors to shops1.7 billion euros in 2018/2019for the reopening of shopson the 19th of may in francejean-marc bellaiche accepted to answer our questionsinterview with jean-marc bellaiche, ceo of printemps :what is the role of department stores?i think the role of the department store is and will remain discovery.we come to printemps to learn things, to discover things, to discover trends,new categories, new brands, new experiences.and that will remain very, very strong.online shopping or retail?i think that e-commerce is not going to erase the role of retail.people will need to go into physical stores,there are some things you can't doyou can't shop with your girlfriends online.you can do it in a physicaland so, the role of departmentstores, is precisely to bringthis human connection,this connection to a purchase.sustainability?printemps is nature,it is one of the most beautiful seasons of the year and of course,we have to be part of a sustainable approach.when i say sustainabilityfor us, there are two issues.there is the subject of social responsibility,therefore inclusiveness.to be insured that whatever yourmorphology, whatever your origin,whatever your age,you're welcome at le printemps.and that's true of our employees,and of our customers.it really needs to be reflected everywhere.the second issue is indeed environmental responsibility.and we've been doing a lot of things for the last five years,34 projects in fact for the last five yearsthat touch on different subjects with many results.for example, we deliver to our storesonly with trucks that run on natural gas.better differently less?better differently less for us,it will be translated into this notion of circularity.circularity is a lot of topics for us,it is to put forward brands that arecompletely circular, brands that userecycled materials.doing our own upcycling.we've been experimenting, we took products from printemps paris,"printemps paris" coats that were unsold.we gave them to young designerswho mixed them with vintage denim, with great success,it is all about repair and personalisation.and then there is the second hand, which is a new area of work on whichwe are working witha pretty amazing space opening at the end of september.one surprise for the may reopening?when we opened in may, we decided to focus on gifts. gifts are important all year round. we're going to live in an age whereempathy is going to be more and more important.i hope the dinner parties in the city will resume.and then we bring little gifts.and i want printemps to be filled with bottles of champagne, but not only that.and at printemps, we want to be able to offer much more personalised giftsaccording to the tastes of people who will receive them.so this is something that's going to happen at our opening.musique libre de droit - anywhere by liqwyd artlist