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R-Evolution : Exclusive interview with Andrea Della Valle : "Building a better future"!

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Luxury brands’ awareness of environmental concerns is increasingly visible. andrea della valle, president of hogan and vice president of the tod’s group takes a new step forward with the hogan-3r collection.(rethink-reorganise-respect)interview with andrea della valle :what is the concept of hogan 3r?“it’s a project that took us over a year to design. hogan 3-r is about reducing, reusing and recycling. it’s a capsule collection, of a few ready-to-wear pieces, but above all, it’s genderless trainers that speak to new generations.”does the current crisis force us to create fashion differently?“in my opinion, it will be increasingly important to go back to higher standards of quality, uniqueness, the true values of a product. the values that we already have in our group, in our dna. it’s important to keep in mind what it means to go back to making special things, modern, everyday pieces and not exclusively too much, and always trendy. our ever green products will be topical year after year. this is a bit like what it will have to be for everything to be more functional, more real, more concrete.”what are hogan’s next challenges?“there are many. first of all, internationalise the brand more, a process that is already underway. then, it’s fundamental to think about the new generations and therefore to adopt, in this sense, a new digital marketing strategy. how, then, to know how to really talk to these new generations who only use smartphones. another challenge will be, especially after this pandemic, to bring customers back to retail, to our boutiques. we must think of a totally new way to achieve this, especially since customers are well used to online shopping. there is already a clientele that’s very spoilt by e-commerce. so the challenge of bringing customers back to our boutiques is very important. we will have to give them the retail experience in a different way. any customer who returns to our boutiques will have to feel very special and will experience a true, beautiful story.”is luxury doing well?“the situation is somewhat unequal. on the one hand, there is a europe that i define as ‘asphyxiated’ in the expectation of leaving this pandemic behind it, and on the other side, we have china, asia in general, which is going through an economic boom. asia has left this pandemic behind and now wants to feel alive. we are therefore witnessing a strong growth of brands, ours of course being one of them. we must therefore all be ready to satisfy their wants and desires more and more.”music issued from the hogan video