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R-Evolution Style - A Transformable Fine Jewellery

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More than ever, in 2021,big jewellery houseshave multiplied their effortsto create new collectionsof even more innovative fine jewelleryfirst stop, with the high jewellery chanel collection “escale à venise”interview with marianne etchebarne : given the context, it is even more importantthan usual to show that life goes on.the creation of high jewellery reveals what is most exceptionalin creation for the brand and i think that in this context,people need to dream more than ever, to be inspired.so, we go on with life and we did our bestto continue to express our creativity around high jewellery.ateliers are warming up,artisans delighted to come back to workto pick back up their latest high jewellery challenges:creating transformable jewelsinterview with marianne etchebarne :the 'eblouissante' necklace is the perfect illustration,with a combination of pink gold, of diamonds and of platinum.here again, we find the visual impactof the colors of these buildings that you see in venice.we can see the particularity and the prowess of this necklace,which can be worn in seven different ways, even with earrings.the floche at the bottom of the necklace can come off,the stones on either side of the necklace in asscher cut can become detachedand to clip on the earrings.the floche,when you untie it, you can also wear it on the backof the necklace, which gives a very sensuality to the wear.all this also gives a lot of modularityand our customers love to wear their pieces in different ways each time.from chanel and its 7 transformations,boucheron and its ‘history of style’showcases its men and womeninterview with hélène poulit-duquesne : what is very interesting about this collectionis that there are lots of different ways of wearing a single piece of jewellery.in fact, the same piece can be worn by men and women in different versions.today, in asia, a large number of asian customers wear jewellery, a lot of menand we hope that this trend will come back to europe.this is a totally sincere statement because we find that making men wearfine jewellery, is absolutely beautiful.when you see the tie in particular which is worn as the new tuxedo, it's absolutely magical. it makes men more beautiful.interview with claire choisne : in the end, this possibility that we will offer to men, to women, to be ableto assert their personality through jewellery and so yes,it's really something that's in the minds of my entire teamand myself, at the time of the origin of the collection, to be able to giveand create multiple ways of wearing everything, that will actually make a difference, and every way of wearing the jewellery willbe strong, impactful.for example, you can actually see a part of a necklace from our emerald tie necklace. it's a part that we'll be able to detach and wear as a brooch.in my personal opinion,i like it as much and i find that there is as much strength in a broochworn by a man than a necklace worn by a woman. this freedom to speak out, this broochon a woman would be beautiful, but also just as beautiful on a man.and open your eyes,because for us, it's obvious,but to be able to show how muchjewellery can be wornby a woman, or by a manand it will stay natural, elegant and beautiful.adapt to everyone’s desires,men's or women'scontinue to dream beyondlike this fine jewellery collectionvan cleef & arpels: ‘under the stars’transporting us in the vault of heavenwith exclusive pieces – 140 in total –like the necklacethat’s inspired by comet halleywhose head is representedby a yellow diamond of 11.29 caratsit’s detachable and can be fixed onto a ringbeing adjustable becomes essential for high jewellery,customers want to buy a singular pieceand feel like they possess multiple.