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Insider - Welcome to the world of Haute Joaillerie with Chanel

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Welcome to the world of haute joaillerie with chanela haute joaillerie collection composed of 70 exceptional and unique piecesall in symbols and with nods to mademoiselle chaneltold through a stopover in venicefirst stop:the palinessecond stop:the islands of the lagoona favourite:an astrological constellationwith an interview with marianne etchebarne, international marketing and media director for chanel's watches and fine jewellery.the design studio, every six months, when couture comes around, invites us to set off on a new story that is always about chanel, but always different. and this year, we are invited to make a stopover in venice.the studio worked on this whole section with excessively flexible, fluid jewellery, like water, the stones flow like water. you have here an example of the volute croisière long necklace, with a whole series of enclosed clasps, completely linked, very fluid.everything is fluid and the technical challenge was the work of positioning the red spinels so that they fit perfectly, giving a striped impression.an exceptional piece around camellia, the ‘byzantine camellia’, in which the technical struggle was to visually give the impression of mosaics, and at the centre, a yellow diamond that gives a harmony of colours, a very baroque abundance, with a lightness… you see that the metal disappears completely from this necklace in favour of the enhancement of these stones…my favourite is the ‘astral constellation’ necklace that you have here. why? first of all, because there is a burst of colour with the lapis lazuli, which is incredible.personally, i really like the colour and the association with yellow sapphires, lapis lazuli and their yellow is absolutely magnificent and a work of art, once again exceptional.so, to give this visual effect of mosaics, in all its lightness, the metal is completely erased. and as a side note, each piece of lapis lazuli had to be cut, twice, because inside each piece, there is a gold metal plate. overall, the collection is also very cheerful, very colourful, and i find that finally, in view of the times, we need lightness and dreams more than ever.