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R-Evolution Green : The regeneration of French wool, a new impetus?

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Regeneration of french wool, a new impetus?interview pascal gautrand : today, the situation in france means that we have a lot of sheep, therefore we must shave them once a year, creating an important deposit of 14 million kilos of wool. unfortunately, we have lost the custom of transforming this wool.so, lots of wool but only 4% of local french production.the tricolor collective’s objective is to move to 24% by 2024, with help from all its members, starting with breeders.interview audrey desormeaux :when we know that it is a raw material with interesting qualities, it is a shame not to know where it goes, and in terms of wage, the purchase price of wool does not cover the costs of shearing.for a breeder, it is a burden and today we feel the desire to go further with a real valuation of the final product. the wool can be used for textiles but also for plenty of other uses.motivated breeders, manufacturers and brands ready to buy locally. but, is it possible, today, to make a jumper made of 100% french wool?interview luc lesénécal :the jumper i am wearing is made of 100% french wool, one third is merino wool and then two thirds are from the ile de france region. it took 23 kilometres of wool yarn to make this jumper. it has passed through 18 hands, in saint james, it took ten days to make it and it will only be sold for 20% more.saint james is not the only one; in two years, 16 brands have used french wool through the tricolor project. new objective: to quantify the different herds and measure the quality of the wool for each of them.