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Insider Dior Spring-Summer 2021 Fashion Show: The elegant and comfortable Dior procession (with interviews)

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It is in the tuileries garden that the dior house has erected its space to present its spring-summer 2021 collection, designed by maria grazia chiuri, with a small and masked audience. cathedral decor dressed in a patchwork of images constituting conceptual and contemporary stained glass windows by the artist lucia marcuci.the collection, created as a real mixture of cultures, gives way to silhouettes that offer even more comfort and flexibility, and to fluid materials that do not freeze the body.the young women walk to the sound of women’s voices interpreting traditional corsican songs, their hair tied back by a scarf, in flat sandals, a crochet dress, muslin gathered at the waist, embellished with floral patterns. the man’s shirt can be worn as a shirt, belted, combined with wide striped pants or shorts and under large coats with cashmere patterns or robes of flecked fabric.interviews:maisie williams, actressi'm so excited, it feels really wonderful to come back after so long everyone's been tucked away and i think that this time away has really influenced people to create something really special. so i can't wait to see the show.ludivine sagnier, actressi admit that it is quite disturbing to be caught up in the energy of fashion week. all of a sudden, lots of people, lots of photographers. we have the impression that everyone has disappeared, everyone has gone home and there, we are witnessing a renewal of social life, of fashion life and i am very happy to be part of it today.héloise letissier alias christine & the queens, singer fashion is a space of absolute artistic freedom, it remains an art too, inventing a silhouette, reinventing yourself with a silhouette. it can be a performance ... me, that is why i like fashion too. i like to be carried away by a vision. i mainly come to dream.natalia vodianova, model & philantropista reflection of the world i always expected from her.maria grazia chiuri, artistic directorfor me, it's so important to have a dialogue with other women that come from different backgrounds. in this case, it was really an honor for me to work with these artists that is lucia marcucci, she works with collages. collage means to put together different things. i think fashion too works a lot with the idea of the collage and the reflection on my collection was to put together materials also less used in the past in my collection, like a knitwear but chiné and ikat. they have many points in common and that's helped me to reflect about my job and the techniques that are inside the fashion work. the fashion week is not the same that in the past. so it's the like that we had to reflect, like we can translate and we can move in a different way for the future. i think that the only answer that they gave me was that we had to be more flexible.emmanuelle devos, actressit’s very nice. it's like when i went back to the cinema or theatre for the first time. it's been a long time. i don’t often go to the fashion shows, but it makes me very happy to be there.music from the show (to use only in context of the show, under cover of the right to information)