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Emilio Pucci: Autumn/Winter 2020/21 show in Milan (with interviews)

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Artistic director: christelle kocher is invited this season to revisit the colourful and rich universe of the italian house.location: inside a church with run down walls but nevertheless splendid paintings.collection: 47 silhouettes mixing sophistication and sportswear with a succession of jumpsuits, delicate lace joggers, skirts decorated with feathers, pleats or prints, slip dresses in silk and colour patchwork and draped outfits in jersey. the sporty style is found on leotards open at the back, fluid bermuda boxer shorts, polo shirts…we find the french designer’s influence in the combination of textures and this mix & match of different worlds. the emblematic pucci prints are present in a total look or by touches on denim or feathers. a joyful urban spirit for a comfortable wardrobe.to note: the silk scarves that can be find tied to glasses and on the heads and the new printed emilio pucci coat of arms. with interviews:christelle kocher:with lots of enthusiasm, i actually rediscovered the archives, but also read the biography of emilio pucci and met his daughter, laudomia and it was super interesting to bring the codes of my house, kocher, which is very young and with this idea of youth, this joyful approach and all this heritage of the extraordinary brand that is pucci. emilio also particularly liked the sportswear, he injected a lot of details into it to give freedom to women and it’s what i’ve also tried to do, so this time we continued to have dresses in viscose, jersey and silk, but also i introduced these prints on jeans and on a slightly more casual wardrobe, on t-shirts, on polo shirts and polo dresses and also opening this wardrobe up to boys and having a whole section of it unisex and that was a great experience.sidney toledano:the place is incredible, christelle, we know her from the lvmh prize, then we saw her again at andam. you know in life things have to stick, with one brand, of course it is a "one off", but it is a system that we are considering for the future too.music from the show (to use only in context of the show, under cover of the right to information)