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Arthur Arbesser: Women's Spring/Summer 2020 show in Milan (with interviews)

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Designer: arthur arbesserinspiration: the city of milan, its architecture, its connection to the world of design and its specificities. the austrian-born designer, who has been living in the lombard capital for 15 years, pays tribute to this town through this new winter collection. for the occasion, he asked an artist friend, marco guazzini, to collaborate with him on the accessories and the graphics of certain motifs.collection: graphic, with sustained work on prints and material effects. the silhouettes are sharp, slender, fluid and loose, decorated with many details. marble patterns are found on the clothes but also on buttons, belt buckles or earrings. the prints and pieces overlap. a tunic is worn over leggings or a pleated skirt and a large mohair jumper is matched with a skirt with iridescent effects. a creased appearance for a slender bronze dress. the colour palette is deep, with touches of bright tones like petrol blue.to note: a varied casting composed of personalities from the artistic world or relatives and friends of the designer + satin platform sandals.with interviews:arthur arbesser:this collection is about milan, it’s about the people that live in milan, my friends in milan, about the architecture in milan, the facades, the entrances of houses, the materials people use in their living rooms, in their entryways, wood, metal, marble, sort of like a 70s touch in terms of architecture, in terms of feel and my friend marco i’ve known for a lot of years, a long time already and he developed this wonderful material called “marbleous”, it’s a combination of marble dust and wool and his own technique he turned it into a marble which is fantastic as you can obviously use the colours of the wool and it’s not down to the natural colours of the marble. so we did buckles, we did belts and we did jewellery pieces out of the material and then he did two big plates that we photographed and then printed on fabric.marco guazzini:i was so impressed by the quality of the prints which is amazing for me because i’ve always seen the material just in one way and i’m so impressed by the work and this collaboration for me means a lot, he’s a friend of course but he’s a real, pure talent. music from the show (to use only in context of the show, under cover of the right to information)