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A bold video clip and innovative products for the 40th anniversary of Sloggi.

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This clip has been specially created for the 40th anniversary of sloggi, the lingerie brand that belongs to the triumph group and is known for its ultra-comfortable underwear. (interview)the house celebrates its iconic piece, high culottes, the 79, made from a mix of cotton and fibre @lycra, which is reissued for the 40th anniversary. it is the star of this crazy video with the reinterpretation of the song “baby got back” by sir mix a lot, and is worn by six it-girls and influencers surrounding the actress colette zacca, perfect as a rapper girl who is comfortable in her body. (interview)sloggi marks a repositioning already started two years ago and illustrated by innovative products, such as the "zero feel" range, for feeling, which results in a new heat-fusing technology that means you no longer feel your bra, or the “go all around” model with a single ultra-stretch size that fits all body types. there’s a lot of new products for 2020. (interview)interview with anne cohen:we assume our age and we wanted to own it in a funny way. we wanted to do a mockery of our image and of our iconic product which is the “basic” cotton maxi pants that go all the way up to above the belly button but are extremely comfortable and worn by millions of women around the world today. our big launch in 2020: “oxygène” bra. it’s the lightest bra that sloggi has ever launched in the world. it weighs 28 grams while the market average is 95 grams. we think that in the long run, and this is the mission that we’ve set for our brand, is to have no bras with underwiring by 2023. music rights reserved sloggi (use only in the context of the report, under cover of the right to information)