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Guy Laroche - Women's Spring/Summer 2020 collection in Paris (with interview)

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Artistic director: richard renéinspiration: a collection titled “madame c.” referring to madame claude, a 1977 just jaeckin film telling the story of the manager of a network of call-girls in paris, of which a scene is played in the guy laroche boutique, then located on avenue montaigne. the logo on the carpet is reflected in the collection with a very seventies spirit.collection: white and chocolate brown dominate this collection with dresses, jumpsuits and very couture outfits, always with a touch of sensuality, such as a slit, an open back or a revealed body part. suede is worn comfortably in a playsuit or a little summer waist-length jacket, seen with a very beautiful navy strapless jumpsuit.to note: the “500-franc banknote” is printed on a complete look or a swimsuit + the sensual evening dresses with round cuts + the men who make their appearance and complete the collection. interview with richard rené:i started with a film excerpt, a film called madame claude, in which françoise fabian plays madame claude. the film was shot in the late 1970’s and guy laroche made the costumes for everyone, for the girls and for madame claude, so there were scenes where she was in the guy laroche boutique. in the boutique, there was a carpet with a big logo. the logo existed but it was indeed everywhere, it was really the “floor” of the boutique. i found this really interesting so i started doing the collection like this. there are lots of things that go on around the body, there is skin, silk, prints with the logo that looks like an art deco drawing when it is enlarged. i wanted very different girls, with different hairstyles, looking like the 70’s or 80’s.i start with things that i like, with a drawing, a material, a volume, but it remains for a rather basic body.music from the show (for use only in context of the show, under cover of the right to information).