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Hogan - Women's Spring/Summer 2020 collection in Milan (with interview)

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Collection: adventure is at the heart of the creative thinking of the italian fashion house, hogan. the materials reflect this desire for nature with the use of natural and innovative fibres. a sports-themed summer with a functional and creative collection.the soles are thick with ergonomic shapes, the denims are faded and patterned, the large bags are decorated with string. spartans and trainers are accessorised with stone pendants. jackets, shorts and miniskirts are made from a palette of kaki and beige shades. inteview :andre della valle : the “gioia di vivere”, because the collection has come from an inspiration about the forest about nature, the moment where everyone is relaxed. my desire is for the women of hogan to be relaxed, of course in a very sophisticated way, but to think that our products and shoes have to be adjustable to the whole week. so, with one piece you can travel, you can work, whatever, but specially for the weekend because it is the moment that all of us are more natural too. in this you can easily find eco fabric, not bad for the environment, or whatever it is, it’s very important, especially when you do colours. if you put colours, it’s natural to put something that is connected to the shoes. step by step it has to a mantra for everybody, because one day we really have to protect our planet. royalty free music : don't feel (ft. danny polo & a'rose) by ryan prewett artlist