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Pierre Cardin exhibition in New York (with interview)

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Pierre cardin, the french fashion designer, whose name is best known in the world, is the subject of an exhibition at the brooklyn museum in new york.a staging showcasing both his cult clothes, but also his furniture and various collaborations as a costume maker, notably for the star trek series for example.interview with matthew yokobosky:pierre cardin was one of the designers in the 1960s that was thinking about what will people be wearing on the moon. some designers thought it would be white, some people thought it would be more futuristic like pierre cardin, so he made clothes out of vinyl and clear plastics and lenticular plastics so it looked very much future then and i would say it still looks future today. there are 175 pieces in the exhibition, about 80 of them are ensembles of fashion but in addition we have furniture, we have his designs for lighting and so we’re investigating more of the careers of pierre cardin, not just fashion, because sometimes he would have an idea to make a coat and then he might use that same idea to design a lamp. pierre cardin has been through different phases, in the 1950s and 60s he was known as a great tailor, and then because he had such a great reputation people asked him to license his name on other products, so he was known for perfume and sheets and wallpaper. over the years, because we have this practice now of sublicensing, sometimes the product changes and it’s maybe not the original intention and so the name recognition changed a little bit. so this is an opportunity for us to go back and look at pierre cardin and really see what a fantastic designer he is. musique free to take : seis continentes by tomas novoa (raices) artlist