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Autumn-Winter 2019/20 Trends : Bourgeoise VS Punk

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Two styles are competing with each other this year. two different types of women: the bourgeois and the punk.two extreme wardrobes. the bourgeois thus makes a noticeable return on the catwalk. the designers showcase its discreet charm this season. hedi slimane put it in the spotlight at celine, giving it the look of a claude chabrol heroin. she sports a pant skirt or a flat front pleated skirt, checkered to emphasise the bcbg look and accompanied by a turtleneck sweater or a loosely tied bow shirt. the blazer, also a part of the bourgeois collection, gives it a classic chic look. the bourgeois loves beige and the austerity of a trouser suit. she loves the silky fabrics, printed shirts and pleated skirts. the trench coat is another indispensable piece of its wardrobe, burberry’s iconic trademark. at the opposite end of the bourgeois bcbg, the punkette arrives on the catwalk. the designers reinterpret it in a luxury fashion. she arrives in a shirt and checkered top, red and black at dior; a teddy girl style... she is adorned with leather, strutting in a mini-skirt and a total denim look, ripped but embroidered in sequin crests. at balmain, olivier rousteing displays a more fiery version…on the accessory side, she loves metal, dog collars and chains around the neck or the waist. to perfect her streetwear look, she wears creepers on her feet to walk the stage. with interview from olivier rousteing:she’s like a rose, she smells nice but she can nip you.yeah, she’s a chic-rebel, a rebel who fears nothing, a troublemaker you might say, someone who bothers you but at the same time, you are attracted to. so, that’s what i like most about this woman. she’s a strong, independent, dangerous womanmusic free to take : nikit - so fast