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Chanel's 10 muses reunite for the new J12 watch

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Chanel is a story of women, from its founder, gabrielle chanel, to the personalities that have come over the years to embody a form of liberty, passion and beauty for this world-renowned, double c house. and what a beautiful idea to bring together 10 exceptional muses to embody the new j12 watch.they have always been part of the house somewhere, certain ones like keira knightley or lily-rose depp still embody the key perfumes today and they are all found again at the top of the poster for the new j12, where it’s all about seconds, the famous one where everything changes. like the one for ali mcgraw, leading actress in love story.we also fall for vanessa paradis and naomi campbell who tell us about their famous seconds.a watch that finally reunites the whole chanel universe, fashion, beauty and watchmaking, around these muses who have almost become timeless.with extracts of interviews fromali macgraw:i suppose the decisive moment was when i was asked to do an ad for chanel n°5. an agent saw that picture in a drugstore somewhere in new york and asked me if i’d like to be in the movies – for which i had no qualifications. and i guess the rest is history. vanessa paradis:it was the first time that i’d been in a recording studio, i was very young, 12 years old, and to see how they make music, it blew my mind and my heart.the most important second is when we fall in love.naomi campbell:every action that i have committed myself to is a decisive second. there are certain things in life that just have to happen when they happen. timing. that word, timing, is so important.music free to take : smile by michael vignola (a place between time) artlist