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Second edition of the Precious Room Salon in Paris

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Second edition of "precious room", the high jewellery trunk show that took place in the sublime palais vivienne in paris, thought up by muriel piaser, and where designers meet buyers and journalists for a day during haute couture week. with interview from muriel piaser:buyers can find here a selection of established brands here with reference names and, at the same time, emerging brands. and that's what interests me the most, it's to help people discover brands that are already well known in their own countries. so, i have brands from russia, england, dubai, the middle east and belgium. it allows them to discover these talents and to talk face-to-face with the creators since my concept also is that the creators are present, that there is a real exchange, a niche experience and, of course, it adds some emotion and affection, by meeting each other face-to-face, by talking, creating these links, and having a unique experience.the customer wants to personalize their silhouette through the jewellery, which, as we know, is related to affection and emotion. so when wearing jewellery that is not, perhaps, a luxury brand, it is often related to the designer’s story behind the jewellery.music free to take: rising up - instrumental version - by ofrin artlist