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KARL FOR EVER : Hommage to Karl Lagerfeld, 20th June 2019 in Paris

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On thursday, june 20, the chanel houses, fendi and karl lagerfeld, all came together to pay tribute to karl lagerfeld at a celebration organised and directed by robert carsen at the grand palais. upon entering under the glass roof, 2500 guests were able to admire an exhibition of 56 enlarged portraits of karl lagerfeld, taken throughout his life. the many facets of his life were displayed through several videos and testimonies from relatives, collaborators and friends, interspersed with live performances. the actresses tilda swinton and fanny ardant, the musician lang lang and the artist pharrell williams wanted to pay him this last homage by interpreting the music he loved or by reciting extracts from works by his favourite authors. a moving and joyful tribute to celebrate an exceptional character, with the presence of many personalities, including bernard arnault, mr. valentino, brigitte macron, carla bruni and silvia venturini fendi.with interviews from anna wintour, bruno pavlovsky, eric pfrunder, anna mouglalis & virginie viard.with performances from tilda swinton, fanny ardant, lang lang & pharrell williams.music from the show (for use only in the context of the show, under cover of the right to information)