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Karl Lagerfeld :celebrities give their testaments on Karl Lagerfeld’s creative talent.

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A look back over the speeches from international celebrities collected from various chanel shows about karl lagerfeld’s creative talent.interview with vanessa paradis: it makes be take a deep breathe every time i arrive at his shows. it makes my heart beat each time.interview with elsa zylbertstein: he brought a simplicity with him that has always been in chanel. for me it is a simplicity and natural elegance, faded but eternal.interview with tilda swinton: he’s endlessly, endlessly looking forward, looking forward, completely connected to life and young life and at the same time he’s infusing the spirit of gabrielle chanel, so it’s quite an extraordinary collaboration i would say between the two of them.interview with claudia schiffer he is a genius and a living legend and actually, he should have the whole world’s honor. he had done everything that was possible and everything that can be done in luxury, haute couture and ready-to-wear fashion. we must not forget that, he is a man who makes women’s clothing and i don’t know how he knows exactly what women want each time. it is always perfect.interview with baptiste giabiconi: this is karl lagerfeld, this is what made him successful, he doesn’t rest on his laurels, he continues to work hard… and at any given moment it snowballs. he is always looking for new sets and new ideas and this is why karl was so good, he mastered everything that he did from a to z. if he didn’t, he lost interest. so he wants to come up with the idea, the conception of décor and the collection. he wants to master everything and this is why he excels. interview with monica bellucci:it is touching to see his show and to see him full of love and passion after all these years.