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Talent: Mira Mikati presents her new autumn/winter 2019/20 collection

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A meeting with mira mikati. the lebanese designer based between london and paris, welcomes us into an apartment that is under construction and which overlooks the eiffel tower, to present to us her latest collection which is colourful as always and gives us the desire to travel next winter.the designer also enjoys collaborating and this time she worked with the japanese artist, mr.interview with mira mikati:colour and positivity are very important for me as life is too short, so you must not take it too seriously. it was on a trip that i took last august to peru, a country that really moved me and that i truly loved and which was even more beautiful than i imagined. it all started with the scarf like this one. i was inspired by a community in peru, where the man makes a promise belt before getting married with all his promises weaved on. he wears it from his wedding day until the day he passes away to remind himself of all the promises he made.for me, it’s very important that the pieces can be worn from morning to evening, so they mustn’t be complicated or weigh 3 tonnes so you can’t travel with them. they must suit everyone; you don’t have to become anorexic to wear them, so they must be easy to wear without having to think about it too much.