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Jumpsuits, the new Fashion Statement!: Spring/Summer 2019 Trend

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A jumpsuit is imposed as this summer’s fashion statement! it is the piece that all designers have reinterpreted in a variety of styles for all occasions throughout the day. we see it in its original version, the authentic and functional work uniform. long, wide and adorned with drawstrings or zips for the utmost comfort and ease. it takes on an urban allure, turning into a suit.for spring, it brings a touch of freshness, with flowery prints and the subtle show of skin.plain white, is the chosen colour for summer.for a casual style wear it folded up at the ankles, with pockets accentuating the casual look.it becomes feminine and light for a bustier version in a range of supple and romantic materials with guipure additions.it can be worn in thousands of ways, with a shirt or even tied at the waist.we also love the short version, it’s extremely desirable, very transparent and sexy in leather!for the evening, it’s elegant and classy replacing the famous little black dress! it goes well with both boots and stilettos.to conclude, it shines brightly in lamé for a night out, as well as with sequins and sensual details for a couture look, seen in a hybrid version by chanel.