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Proenza Schouler - Women's Autumn/Winter 2019 Ready-to-Wear Show in New York (with interviews)

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Designers: lazaro hernandez & jack mccolloughinspiration: the new york woman. even if artistic references intertwine with a reference to the artist, sol lewitt’s cubes, the two designers want to, above all, talk about the urban and stylish women of today.collection: contrasts clash but end up uniting. suits are under control, supple, fluid, and often accompanied with some kind of harness with enhanced shoulders. pleats are seen on dresses that play with sensuality with low necks and openings. knit is worn like an armour; cuts are graphic or on the contrary, rounded. jersey and leather stand out like the biker trousers worn under skirts and dresses.note: zipped trousers, coats with multiple facets and the touches of colours like the deep yellow.interview with lazaro hernandez:for us it’s always an evolution. this season really is about, you know we’re in new york, we’re back in new york, we feel really comfortable with being here, you know it really is about a wardrobe for the modern women in new york as we see it. interview with jack mccollough:she’s growing up, she’s evolving and i think she’s a mixture of a women that has complete control but a bit undone and there’s a nonchalance and it’s always been the dichotomy of those two worlds.interview with lazaro hernandez:we were looking at the work, a little bit of sol lewitt which is this incredible artist, and you know he did these beautiful pieces called the incomplete cubes, they are these beautiful cube forms that they were missing a couple of legs here and there and it really brought your attention to the edge and to the corner of the cube. so this idea of subtraction and eliminating, the clothes really developed in 3d on a live model throughout the season and we would just work on women and try things out and cut. so it’s really this evolution of working with fabric.so we loved that as a starting point, and hanging the silhouette off that shape and then the bottoms were a little more deconstructed and broken so it makes it like power and something a bit fragile, so it’s always about a composition and mixing a little bit though all that and creating a world, a universe.music from the show (for use only in context of the show, under cover of the right to information).