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Stella McCartney - Men's and Women's Spring/ Summer Collection in Paris (with interviews)

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Designer: stella mccartneyinspiration: every season stella settles down under the gold of the opéra garnier, with her casting composed of both men and women showing in an always effortless spirit dear to the designer’s heart. in the front row we see léa seydoux, alexa chung, isabelle huppert, poppy delevingne and the haim sisters.collection: light, short dresses like young dancers, worn with slippers as well as new versions of flat shoes in pastel tones. tie-dye prints are revisited, in equally soft colours printed on organic cotton t-shirts as well as completely covering a jumpsuit worn by kaia gerber made from organic denim.men and women match with suits decorated with multiple details such as blazers with different fastenings.note: trousers and shirts with zips provoke a wave effect.+ bag propositions: from large shopping bags to mini bags and from backpacks to bum-bags+ every season the designer uses more and more organic textures, respecting the environment: linen, viscose, cotton, denim, eco-alter-nappa.interview with stella mccartney:i think at stella mccartney we try to make it look effortless and wearable, you know it’s really important to me that you want to wear the clothes and still have it feel elevated and luxurious and you know the message is this, that this is the stella wardrobe.the complement between the men and the women is really, really, really important to me, that they really have a sort of effortless relationship, and i think that you know that kind of equality, for me that shows equality they’re both on the same level playing field.it’s really important, there is always a detail, something, something special that you can’t get anywhere else. those trousers with the zips took us so many fittings to get right, and the actual, they’re so technical, they’re really, like the pattern for those to get that zip to do that, it took a long time.interview with the haim sisters:stella has dressed us so many times and we felt so, always feel so amazing in her clothes. she’s also saved us so many times. but, i mean, it really does feel like it feels like a house party or something, everyone’s having a good time, everyone’s smiling, and it’s like so early but everyone has so much energy because it’s so fun.music from the show (for use only in context of the show, under cover of the right to information).