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Jacquemus: Men's show Spring/Summer 2019 (with interview)

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Designer: simon porte jaquemusinspiration: the ‘gadjo’ collection: the first menswear collection by jaquemus was presented in marseille, a town that has watched the designer grow. the show took place in a rocky inlet at sunset with guests sat on the sand.a relaxed silhouette, with trousers rolled up at the ankles, and tied at the waist, vibrant colours and motifs made reference to the south and provence with corn cobs and sunflowers…focus on the many propositions of knitted tops, created in collaboration with ‘the woolmark company’, jumpers, polos or vest tops, graphic, striped, colour block, close fitting or loose. the shirts are largely open, highlighting the bodies of these ‘gadjos’, ‘kékés’ or gypsies! to note: the array of southerners with sunhats on their heads, bucket hat in hand and the small accessory hanging from his neck. interview of simon porte jaquemus: the setting itself is, for me, a paradisiacal place, but simply, it’s accessible to everyone. the calanque de sormiou is a paradisiacal place that everyone can visit, it’s not a private resort, for a certain elite it is important to have a place like this that speaks to everyone and is accessible, and having a beach atmosphere there aren’t any benches for the show just towels on the sand, which is important. it references my childhood…it’s all the guys, all the gadjos, who inspired me when i was younger, all the provencal marseilles clichés. the cliché of the guy who supports the om football team passing by the guy with a muscly, athletic physique, passing by the traveler in his silk shirt, but without disguising them and without overdoing it, in a poetic fashion, that’s what is important. i wanted to use simple materials such as cotton, wool and silk that are materials that are accessible to a larger audience. music from the show (for use only in context of this report, under cover of the right to information)