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Alexander McQueen : Men's show Spring/Summer 2019

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Creative director : sarah burtoninspiration : francis bacon and the photographer john deakin, in the 50s, in soho, an area of london, known for his bars and his gay clubs… of course, absolutely everything is suggested for this show, throughout the history of clothing, and more precisely the tailoring. collection : the suits are always impeccably designed, with double-jacket effects, like this super short trench coat which finishes with a fitted jacket, but also plays with dual textures, completely changing the vision of the suit. the apricot/red colour initially appears to be entirely leather, eventually dissipating into blurry clouds on the suit. the naive drawings are found on the suit’s patterns, like on the perfectos jackets and even on the last two models completely embroidered with silver. to note : the models with their bare chest completely painted+ the two suits with a trace of paint, in black or in red, ending with the threads of fringes+ the rock punk aspect with black leather and boots. music from the show (for use only context of this report, under cover of the right to information)