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Diesel Red Tag: Men's shows Spring/Summer 2019 (with interview)

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Artistic director: glenn martenscollection: after shayne oliver (artistic director of hood by air), it’s the flemish glenn martens (artistic director of y/project) who released this second capsule collection for diesel red tag. 24 silhouettes all for men and women which revisit the iconic diesel pieces. the designer brings his personal vision of the diesel slogan ‘go with the flaw’, with a work on volumes, the cut and the different ways of wearing the same garment. a daring, playful and modern approach to the product!focus: on the denim, leather, jersey and shearling. polos, blouson jackets, jeans, jackets, sweats are reworked and brought up to date, for a new generation of consumers but also for the brand’s aficionados. glenn martens : apparently, renzo’s been following me for three years and to celebrate this brand, he asked different young designers to give their point of view on diesel, how they view a brand that they’ve grown up with. it’s true that i’ve grown up with diesel so it was really cool to do this project. my vision is still that of a democratic brand, it’s a brand that speaks to everybody, really every person that i know has had diesel, worn diesel. it’s a brand which touches everyone and which doesn’t exclude anyone so i find that interesting to work with a brand which is so open to so many people.i also tried to give this freedom and this opening to different people with pieces which are extremely versatile, which can be adapted to different people and that we’ll see during presentations or in lookbooks. it’s the same model with the same patronage, so the same size which is worn on a 6ft 2 guy or a 4ft 9 woman. it’s really the way in which we wear it, how we open the button, whether the waist goes up or down, it can be adapted to different sizes and different people. so it’s a democratic brand, it’s also a very democratic collection in one way or another. music royalty free: bandit & nikit