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The fringe, feathers and frills trend: a chic distinction of Summer 2018.

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Our wardrobe is adorned with decorative elements, to embellish, make and assert our style.summer equals lightness and feathers help to achieve this. lightening the garment, used in small touches, on the base of a skirt or on a knitted jumper, feathers bring an element of softness to the silhouette, bestowing a natural grace, for small cocktail or evening dresses as seen at alberta ferretti.marabout feathers are by far the most popular. anthony vaccarello for saint laurent uses them with panache, through small touches on boots or stilettos, to highlight the neck, or used on a sleeve before they invade the entire outfit.own something feathered, just like zizi jeanmaire sang, to make you dream…like dolce & gabbana who use coloured feathers without restraint. even the younger generation seize the trend for striped effects reinterpreted with freshness. and to finish, the label margiela, loyal to its dna proposes a more conceptual take on the trend, stripped back but always with style. fringing is another safe bet for summer. used in different ways, it can create contrary looks:a minimalist cowgirl at céline, more sensual at bottega veneta, and more rock at balmain. dior proposes denim for a chic hippy vibe. unraveled fringing is used for a re-visited trench… all the wardrobe staples are captured by this trend.and this summer, there’s a play on materials, even the knitwear…as spotted at acne with a play on shimmer for a disco effect! fringing is also a statement of sensuality, and shows off the movement of the legs.frills bring their share of frivolity and femininity. they add freshness, brightness to tops or skirts. frills allow you to work with new volumes. philip lim uses the trend to highlight a waist, a bust or the hips and to feminize the silhouette.frills are perfect for the baby-doll look or oversized, they can work for a more remarkable look, or something more theatrical as seen at thom browne. this season, fringes, feathers and frills will be the summer fantasy to adopt. music bandit & nikit - 2018