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CHANEL Show - Women's Collection Autumn/Winter 2018/19 in Paris (with interviews)

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Artistic director: karl lagerfelddécor: an autumnal mood with a forest planted inside the grand palais. collection: a warming wardrobe, the silhouette is longline with long buttoned coats to open the show. the tweed appears in the colours of autumn. noting the hollow shoulders for a jacket and the slit ankle-length skirts. or the big flared skirts with big pockets. the chanel jacket is enveloping with a quilted aspect, the trousers are loose, scattered with rhinestones or bronzed and metallic. focus on the print of the collection with leaves taking their place on all the fluid dresses and puffed sleeves. to note: the high bun on the head, the golden boots, the flat derby shoes, the long gloves in colours which brighten the black evening dresses, delicate in silk and lace. + the number of accessories including the new bag designed by karl lagerfeld. interviews: bruno pavlosky: extraordinary decor, a forest that we’d love to see all the time and i think that it’s an extraordinary setting for the creativity and the design of monsieur lagerfeld, with a show that propels this collection which is magnificent, through the entire world. caroline de maigret: the girls who walked and who strolled in this forest, there a slightly hitchcock feel to their grace ad this elegance, and at the same time, they had this very feminine, very powerful side, we feel that the woman takes more space and power, it was beautiful. soo joo park: all the girls came out looking beautiful, quite natural with their hair in this effortless bun, and i loved the abstract print of the leaves and the repetitive patterns, but in different cuts that felt different every time. bruno pavlosky: the most important is fashion, this notion of fashion, which englobes ready-to-wear and the accessories. the life span of the accessories is going very quickly and so each collection, it’s slightly the principle, that we must illustrate this creativity, we have it in the fabrics, on the models, on the silhouettes, we have to also show it with the accessories and particularly the leather goods. music from the show (for use only in context of the show, under cover of the right to information)