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080 Barcelona Fashion Week: A focus on the names and shows to remember!

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The 21st edition of barcelona fashion week was held from the 29th january to the 2nd february. five days of shows and 32 brands present. here are the shows and names to remember:antonio miro, a label based in barcelona, inspired by trekking for clothes with protective parkas. functional fashion, with appealing checked suits decorated with pieces of coloured leather. custo barcelona, created at the start of the eighties by the dalmau brothers, custo & david, who propose on the catwalk for summer 2018, sexy zipped dresses, with plunging and asymmetric necklines, in radiant colours and materials. brain & beast, a brand founded in 2010 that likes to blend clothes together to create new pieces, with a mix of prints, sweaters twisted into bustiers, nylon ensembles and drawstrings. refreshing streetwear fashion.lebor gabala, puts knitwear at the centre of their creative reflection with an urban collection, in warming colours and materials. the miriam ponsa collection reinterprets indian clothing, based around enveloping clothing with a play on superpositions. naulover uses the theme of seduction, with the idea of a princess moving through an imaginary garden. the result is floral prints, tartan and jacquard motifs. oscar leon, also part of the growing number of young emerging labels, plunges into an ever darkening world, with black lips, a wardrobe with a message and a gimmick cross. mietis, a real leather tradition for three generations. this season we find it in patchwork and coloured, for a safari in wonderland (the theme of the collection) with added feathers and collars and sleeves with exaggerated lines…music royalty free: bandit & nikit