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Jean Paul Gaultier : Haute Couture show Spring/Summer 2018 (with interview)

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Designer: jean-paul gaultierinspiration: monsieur gaultier pays homage to pierre cardin (who attended the show), the first couturier that he met aged 18 and with whom he started his career. the sixties revisited, a totally round entrance to the catwalk, a projection of psychedelic images and a soundtrack ranging from jacques dutronc to brigitte bardot. collection: lots of black and white for flared dresses, constructed with spirals or cut out fringing. the tailored trousers become precious with fastening details, fringing, jackets that end as capes or coat tails at the back and the flared trousers. the long dress in a kinetic print or the small couture jacket in patent leather with sequins in a hallucinatory effect. without forgetting the trompe l'œil denim shorts.to note: coco rocha and her daughter who close the show, dancing, dressed in blistered jacquard lamé, blue green depending on how it’s worn: a specific technique that only jpg knows how to achieve. interview : jean paul gaultier : i sent the sketches to the couturiers and on the day of my 18th birthday, i came home and my mother said to me: jean paul you’ve got a meeting at pierre cardin, he wants to see you. i brought my mother because i was scared to go on my own, i was too intimidated, i went and he hired me. we learn everything because he’s a total genius, i have to say it, who really incarnates the sixties, with courrèges and with modernity, but at the same time a type of minimalism in his own way, and with the kinetic effects, here i notably got back to these kinetic effects. not like he did them, i tried to bring something else into the kinetic effect from the period. there’s a lot of black and white and colour. there’s a lot of blue but there’s also a bursting yellow, pinks that are almost florescent. it’s really the pop energy from the sixties also a modernity, even the jewelry, the kinetics, things that move and change, this life in the end, this youth and this joy. pierre cardin: i found a gaultier who personalised himself with great force and creativity, very personal. i found that he removed himself slightly from the gimmickry and at the same time that he found truth in his work. i’m proud of him, to see that he was able to clearly express himself. personally we can now say that there’s gaultier. it’s always good to see people who’ve worked with you, who’ve given you confidence, who wanted pay tribute to you with such personality. he has a true personality.music from the show (for use only in context of the show, under cover of the right to information).