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Nicole Kidman unveils the Christmas window displays at Printemps Haussmann in Paris (with interviews)

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The actress nicole kidman, representing the house of fendi to open the christmas festivities by unveiling the printemps hausmann christmas window displays in paris. (interview nicole kidman)one year of work, 650 hours of assembly to create the 11 shop displays that this year tell the story of the extraordinary journey of gifts by two children. (interview pierre pellarey)in fact, the big luxury houses are becoming more associated with the creation of these shop fronts which are highly visited, reaching more and more people year after year in printemps which achieved 20% of its annual revenue during this period alone. interviews :interview with nicole kidman: when i was a child, i came here and i remember with my parents wanting to shop at the best store in paris and i said “ah, we go to printemps”. and so, there’s a magical quality to christmas and celebrating it here with this beautiful store, with such history. particularly at this time, i think there’s certain times when you say this is the most glorious time in a city and certainly november/december i think all parisians would agree there’s such a magical quality to this city so to be able to embrace its beauty and its life force and the unity of this country. interview with pierre pellarey:the christmas window displays have been a tradition since 1912 so it’s a tradition of paris and of printemps who’ve launched this event and today it’s unveiled by nicole kidman who represents the symbol of elegance and elegance is a value of printemps so that’s something which is important. we’re going to have 10 million people on boulevard haussmann and so that’s around 2 million people inside the store. fendi is a contributor during the year as well as a partner with printemps and i’d say that we probably share the same values which are values of elegance, refinement and savoir-faire. it was natural therefore to work with fendi for this end of year. music royalty free: bandit & nikit 2017