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Moncler Gamme Rouge - Women's ready to wear show Spring/Summer 2018 in Paris (with interview).

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Artistic director : giambattista valli atmosphere: in the salon d’honneur in the grand palais which is transformed into a dance room, decorated with disco balls. with hip hop dancers moncler coloured tutus and bodysuits. collection: the world of dance distorted with the codes of moncler gamme rouge for an urban wardrobe, stamped with grace and delicacy. sweaters, wrap tops, shorts rolled high on the thigh. effects of lightness and transparency through long swishing dresses or the marabou feathers spotted on tops or the lace parkas. the shoulders are bare, ribbons are strapped to the silhouette. to note: the woolen leg warmers, the sweater with the bow over the stomach, the embroidery of flowers and pearls on a jacket or vest top. the final look shining look with tricolor colours of red, white and blue. giambattista valli:it’s really a mix between ballet and hip hop and i love the idea because i find that it’s something very urban, hip hop, and at the same time something very parisian and very french: ballet. so there’s the attitude of this girl who has a slight taste for ‘flashdance’ and she’s in the middles of preparing herself, she’s late for her competition, she’s walking in the street, running in the metro. moncler gamme rouge, it’s the most feminine part of moncler and the most feminine sport imaginable is dance. there was something strong with the cut sweatshirts, the denim shirts, embroidered with small stars and done with the three colours which perhaps represent the tricolor of france but also america, it’s a mix. it’s a gift that i want to do at last for the fans of moncler and for fans of what i do at moncler. music from the show (for use only in context of the show under cover of the right to information).