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ARTHUR ARBESSER - Spring/Summer show 2018 in Milan (with interview)

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Designer : arthur arbesseratmosphere: a piano in the centre of the room at milan’s military school, with the presence of two pianists: antoinette van zabner & luca lavuri for a four handed performance of ‘fantasia in f minor’ by franz schubert. collection: a collection constructed from the start of personal memories of the designer and in particular around the austrian painter heinz stangl, a friend of the family, but also of historical figures such as the romanov sisters. a wardrobe composed of pleated striped skirts, gathered waists, with details such as draw string, honeycomb pattern, flashes of yellow or green and graphic motifs.to note: the swarovski embroideries on the sides of a belted coat, or to highlight the bust of a dress with straps, or the hem of a shirt sleeve. a striped pvc trench coat. hands drawn onto mesh. the ankle boots and stilettos match the prints of the collection. a mixed casting composed of relatives and one elder models, cordula, who the designer has always admired. interview with arthur arbesser:this time, very personal, this is the work of an austrian painter called bfuzieb, he was a very good friend of my parents unfortunately he died, but i grew up with his paintings and i collected some and they’re now with me in milan. i grew up with his acid colours, his very strange movements, a lot of hands always in his paintings and fantastic graphics and different lines and patterns. i wanted to bring those patterns back since graphics and colours are always something that i’m associated with and i thought this is a perfect moment to let him shine.i wanted to bring a softer side that is also very close to me so it’s old school uniforms and i bought in the romanov girls, the daughters of the last tsar of russia, because there is a certain aristocratic rigour in how they dress and how their posture was. i really tried to make a diverse and personal casting, fashion is such a hard job so when you work with friends everything becomes easier and nicer and the message comes across better so a lot of these girls have become friends, hair and makeup have become friends, casting are friends, styling are friends so we’re like a family which is something i don’t think is really happening these days. music from the show ( for use only in context of the show, under cover of the right to information).