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Marques Almeida Show- Women's collection Spring/Summer 2018 in London (with interview)

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Designers: paulo almedia & marta marquesatmosphere: in the trendy neighborhood of shoreditch, several meters from their studio, the designers, who won the lvmh award two years ago, chose to present their collection outside, underneath a train bridge, with non-professional girls modelling. collection: mixed and free. in search of complete representation of all women, the collection is composed of many references: oriental, military, artistic… the clothes are cut asymmetrically, with shapes that leave glimpses of skin, with tie and zipper detailing. wide stripes come out on top as well as the lightness seen through ruffles and oversized sleeves. to note: the bustiers- buckles worn on shirts & pointed striped boots. it’s around the corner from our studio, it’s where we live, it’s part of our whole identity as a brand to be in a place like this in east london so it felt perfect.interview with paulo almedia & marta marques :i think we’ve done it so it has a graphic element but also a sporty vibe to it. we like things to be quite effortless and sporty and not too dressed up so i think the stripes kind of help it. we were always obsessed with the girl and at the moment we’re working with around 35 ma girls, what we call ma girls because they’re not professional models and we’re just so inspired by them. we build this mesh up of personalities and references and it’s about freedom and every woman being different but we’re all facing the same challenges. music from the show (for use only in context of the show, under cover of the right to information).