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Rei Kawakubo & her label Comme des Garçons exhibited at the MET in New York

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This year, the met in new york paid homage to the japanese designer rei kawakubo and her label, comme des garçons. the event saw the second exposition, after yves saint laurent in 1983, showcasing work by an artist still living. (interview)kawakubo’s works have always created a sense of surprise and amazement, given the way in which they forge a new vocabulary mixing different forms of art.(interview)the met succeeded in regrouping 120 works exposed across eight themes, allowing the viewer to comprehend, or in the very least, to discover the extent of the designer’s work, which has become a myth praised all over the world.exhibition rei kawakubo / comme des garçons : art of the in-betweenthe met - fifth avenue, new yorkuntil 4th september 2017 interview andrew bolton: rei actually trained in aesthetics, she didn’t study fashion design. she doesn’t abide by any laws when it comes to techniques or construction. she conflates, sometimes in one ensemble, notions of east and west, or the male and the female, fusing ideas, but also fusing garments types, and fusing techniques and construction methods. rei is all about creativity. she’s about innovation. she forces you to rethink notions of beauty, notions of the body, notions of fashion, notions of wear-ability, breaking down these barriers by creating hybrid identities.music in the public domain: bandit & nikit