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The Enchanting Mise en Scene of the High Jewellery by Chanel, Dior Jewellery and Chaumet

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When the grand houses of the place vendôme choose to show their collections of high jewellery to buyers and press during haute couture week in paris, the surprise is doubled with an invitation to travel, to escape, and to dream. it’s thus that we found ourselves diving into the mediterranean at chanel.(interview)63 unique pieces which showcase an exceptional savoir-faire, always pushing the limits a little further, but still in keeping with the history of the house.(interview)dior jewellery beckons versailles into their salons on the avenue montaigne. amongst the vegetation and statues, we find victoire de castellane’s latest creation through an explosion of colours and the magic of jewellery using precious stones. finally, chaumet also celebrates the music and the art of partying. from the metropolitan opera of new york, to a show at the scala in milan, to the winter waltzes in vienna, incredible pieces follow one another, such as the transforming necklace made of rubies, garnets, pearls and diamonds, which evokes by its drapery, the famous red curtain. the major musical themes highlighted in the collection inspire dance, while selected guests meet at an exceptional event at the museum of fairground arts in paris, entitled "chaumet est une fête". finally, the primary goal of these great houses is a celebration of the jewellery, rendering it timeless.interview marianne etchebarne:the new collection of high jewellery is called ‘flying cloud’ in homage to the yacht belonging to the duke of westminster who was the lover of mademoiselle chanel.this love affair was inspiring because it was, for her, the opportunity to discover the spirit of the cruise.we have reworked the striped jersey, the buttons as well because they’re a very, very well-known aspect of her couture, and it’s true that there’s also a challenge to successfully translate this into jewellery, because the material has its limits. we’re not working with fabric. the pieces are always enamelled so that when the woman wears the necklace, it almost feels as if the jewellery is a second skin. the theme of this collection is almost an invitation for holidays.music in the public domain: bandit & nikit