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Mens 'Must-Haves' for this Summer: From the Street to the Runway, the Streetwear Trend Stands its Ground

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Streetwear is making a comeback. what do we mean by streetwear? a concept which was born in the 80s aiming to talk about fashion on the street. this first approach can be found in the gang effect seen in many male shows. we don't walk alone but with many, a group is stronger. this inspires is to create the style of tomorrow.(interview)the 80s and 90s are a good example. we look to the past to find innovations, all the while looking for some comfort and authenticity ... hence the idea of the ample, the large and the voluminous. everything is resized and enlarged in its xxl version. of course the references aren't missing and the designers have fun with them, like short bombers or even teddy type jackets, which became fashion classics, and the tones are multiple at dior, lanvin, and j.w anderson. the larger short sleeved shirt is also a musthave and imposes itself in the lanvin collection, put on top of t-shirts.we find daring checks in their grunge version, without forgetting the slogan t-shirts which reveal almost forgotten idols.(interview)some pieces become cults, updated by the designers and the street more than ever, which continue to inspire us.interviews : carol lim & humberto leon :obviously for the show, we really wanted to represent a point of view, and the groups that came out together. we really wanted to show groups of friends that would go out together, and dress similarly, and so it felt like a really nice way to present the collection.kris van assche :such contrasts ! i love the sense of order and disorder, i love the 80’s new wave and the sporty energy of today. the idea is not precisely to please oneself by referencing the past, but to rework it for today.virgile abloh : that’s what the collection was about: show-casing the most up-to-date version of how i perceive street-culture merging with high-fashion.music copyright free / bandit & nikit - 2017