House of Holland - Women's Autumn/Winter 2017-18 collection in London (with interviews)

Designer: Henry HollandAtmosphere: An exaggerated typical West American sign, very colorful, a collection titled “Hip Hop attitude with a country heart”As usual, the English designer distorts the dress code, adding energy and a positive attitudeSilhouette: The girls look daring in vibrant prints and colours, from graphic tiles to psychedelic circles on satin. The trouser became flared pants, ample, the fringe gives them volume, the evening dresses are adorned with embroidery done by hand. To Note: The capsule collection consists of 15 pieces inspired by the American cartoon character “Woody Woodpecker” as well as all the accessories: glasses, hats, cowboy boots in their version of thigh boots and open style clogsMusic from the show (only to be used in the context of the show, protected by the right to information.) Interviews with models : Alicia :Henry is amazing, he’s so sweet and so funny and it’s always a pleasure working with him every time I come to London so it’s just amazing. Alright I gotta go.Naminka :I’m feeling really excited. I love the collection it’s amazing and then the run through was fantastic so the show is going to be super super awesome, so I’m excited to go there right now!

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