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Ralph Lauren - Women's February 2017- collection in New York (with interview)

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Designer : ralph laurenlocation : the ralph lauren store on madison avenue, decorated with white flowers and butterflies.title of the collection : “nomad”, the collection is immediately available in stores, evoking the idea of travel.silhouette : a collection with fluid materials, sensual cuts, soft and luminous colours with beige, crème and gold dominating. the silhouette isn’t hindered, it floats on the body, with nonchalance for a luxurious wardrobe with cuts allowing glimpses of the skin. the long dresses are characterized by an exotic sensuality, the leather dresses a more urban silhouette like the trouser jumpsuit. the trouser suits are ample and comfortable for an urban road trip. interview with ralph lauren :the collection is called ‘nomad’ and it has an exotic sensibility to it the fabrics are very unusual and it was inspired by travelling and being a nomad and going to new areas and wearing clothes that are slightly more exotic they’re not everyday clothes they’re a little luxurious and a little bit more specialthe immediacy of buy now is what i’ve always felt, because designers clothes come in early and when clothes are designed they take 6-9 months to deliver a product and when a collection is open its sometimes at the wrong season, so sometimes people buy ahead, they are trained to say well this is coming to look at a magazine and lets go out and buy something but in 6 months.in the fashion business 50 years is 100/200 years because you’re always moving, always changing, and so what we feel today is that people want an experience and they want to have something that is new and special. music from the show (only to be used in the context of the show, protected by the right to information.)