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Stéphane Rolland - Haute Couture presentation Spring/Summer 2017 in Paris (with interview)

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Location : xinhua gallery designer : stéphane rolland collection : sculptural and graphic gowns as works of brancusi leather braiding for sheath dresses, or everything in voluminous gazar, the favorite material of cristobal balenciaga, which stéphane rolland admires so much.stéphane rolland realized this collection in 15 days, a true miracle and a dream which takes form in the parisian xinhua gallery interview with stéphane rolland : haute couture is a really free way to express yourself because we have the chance to work with exceptional craftsmen and to show an absolutely exceptional savoir faire so for me haute couture is freedom, its creative freedom, and technological freedom. my clients are 90% faithful, every year we have new clients, new relationships and new generations, it lets me say that haute couture is eternal because we have grandmas, daughters, granddaughters and sometimes even newborns. there isn’t a seasons that resembles another, it’s a collection which has been made like a miracle because we were so overwhelmed by the production of the previous collection that it took only fifteen days to create this one because my craftsmen were overwhelmed so this collection is a little miracle but like all miracles sometimes they make beautiful children.this time round i was inspired by brancusi who has always influenced me in some parts but i did not realise it, and the brancusi sculptures were very present in the way i held the pencil, to create movement.when i draw it’s important to have free movement and that lets me give power to the dress, and when i give this dress power, i give it and i also pass it on to the woman who is going to wear it. and that is the little aim at the end. music free of right : bandit & nikit