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Issy Miyake - Collection Spring/Summer 2017 in Paris ( with interview )

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Designer : yoshiyuki miyamaetheme : microcosm, nature as the source of inspirationmood : the famous concert hall -bercy- in paris, with white geometric blocks on the catwalksilhouette : geometric and graphic with lively colours and tribal motifsample outifts, made with the 3d stretch stitch technique or by "cut & stick" on a fluid and silky jumper, taken from the world of sportswear.focus : dress that can be put on, straps, wide short trousers and pink belted sleeves, black combi trousers, black and white outfit midi petticoat, pinafore dress with a graphic motif. to note : the new shoes line in collaboration with united nude. sandals which are defined by their structured heel, which seems carved from a single block the futuristic bag designed from eletronic perforated paper and laced leather which changes colours and has flashing motifs when worn (developed with sony’s help)interview with issey miyake :this theme is microcosm, so it’s an inspiration from seeds, so it’s an image of sewing seeds and growing them into a branch and then becoming a treethe shapes are more dynamic and geomantic, the inspiration is more primitive and tribal and natural, i wanted to combine technology and naturewe are using a 3d stich as you know this collection has more of a dynamic form music from the show (only to be used in the context of the show, protected by the right to information.)