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Michael Kors : collection spring summer 2017 in New York

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Designer : michael kors atmosphere : the american designer surprises in inviting rufus wainwright & his musicians to come and sing during his show. with the concert in the middle of the room, the bay windows overlooking manhattan, emotions ran high. silhouette : romantic, urban, all in flowers. the colours were bright. focus on : the first dress worn by kendall jenner, the bouffant skirt ensemble and its bra top embroidered with pink flowers, the swimming costume worn by imaan and her high waisted pants.to note : the ‘’love’’ jumper available straight away like some other pieces of the collection. interview with rufus wainwright: singing judy garland at 10 in the morning is quite a challenge, surrounded by the beautiful women and the beautiful outfits and the beautiful sun outside i got right into it, but it took a lot of cups of coffee ! interview with michael kors:we wanted something very optimistic, romantic, i think the world is so confused right now, that we all need some positive energy and i think that fashion can lift your spirits, i’m an optimist. we wanted it to be romantic but strong, i think women want to be both, so we have a lot of biais cut, a lot of soft ruffles in mousseline, incredible embroideries, dimensional embroideries and then flowers for the beach and flowers for the city, both ways, and also things that move, i think when the weather is warm you want clothes that move. we started fitting those dresses, we all smiled, you know we all wear black everyday and i love black and we did some wonderful black pieces but the coloured pieces just lift your spirits. our customers, i don’t think they pay attention to specific seasons. people wear boots in the summer, they wear sandals in the winter, so i think with the majority of the collection, you want to see everything and wait, but it’s fun for our cutsomers to have a few pieces that she can buy right away, wear it today and kind of add to her wardrobe to lift her spirits. music from the show (only to be used in the context of the show, protected by the right to information.)