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Purple, the extremely high-end men's line of Ralph Lauren.

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Ralph lauren has always admitted that the luxurious purple line for men was the one that he was most proud of. presented in a palace in milan, during men’s fashion week, the new collection is attractive due to the quality of materials, the details done by hand and of course the nautical theme which is never far away. moreover, it’s the turn of david lauren, the son of ralph, to showcase this high-end collection of the fashion house. (interview)interview with david lauren: the ralph lauren purple label line is one of the highest levels of sophistication that we create; finely tailored suits, really beautiful sportswear, the best quality, the best fabric, the finest craftsmanship. what we tried to do here in milan is to bring the collection to life, in an environment that feels exclusively ralph lauren. we’re set here in the palazzo in milan, which is really a home. it’s where ralph lauren’s offices are, it’s a private library and a private environment where our best clients come for exclusive experiences, and to bring the collection to life here has been very special, i think people feel like they’re living inside of the ralph lauren lifestyle. there’s a wonderful consistency to ralph lauren, for nearly 50 years ralph lauren has really brought to life his dreams and his vision of a lifestyle that takes people into his world, into his dreams, wherever it is in the world. what we’ve done this season is to build on that, to reach a new consumer, a modern consumer; with lighter weight fabrics, with products that have a nautical twist to it, with fabrications and blending of fabrics that feel new, but still building on a ralph lauren aesthetic that’s familiar, that makes a customer feel very comfortable. music royalty free / bandit & nikit - 2016