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Designer in vogue : Brandon Maxwell

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Known first of all as the stylist for lady gaga, brandon maxwell decided to establish his own brand in 2015 after having cut his teeth in the fashion world notably working for nicola formichetti. from his memories of a childhood in texas, he remembers in particular the evening dresses that women would wear to lavish events and it was that which inspired him, side by side with his career as a stylist, to also focus on the couture ball gowns, mainly in black and white. body hugging long dresses, experimenting with drapes, carefully studied falls…his models make their mark on the red carpet and the designer, aged 30, has already been named in the cdfa awards and the lvmh prize this year. interview with brandon maxwell: i think a lot of it is my mentality of growing up in a really small town and when a woman paid a luxury price point for an outfit, you know she really had to wear it a lot of times to get her money’s worth. so i think i’m hoping to make pieces that woman can wear over and over again and i think black is a colour that really works for everyone, and it’s the only colour i wear. clean and sculptural and architectural, strong lines and tailored, with a focus on craftsmanship. for me the most important thing in an evening dress is that a woman is able to shine it and it doesn’t over power her, i do a lot of black dresses with details, and i think that the woman should be the most important thing when she walks in, not so much the dress, so i hope to just highlight all of the areas that she loves about herself and make her feel strong and powerful. that’s the best evening dress for me, when a woman really feels sexy and powerful when she leaves the house. i’ve had so many strong and powerful woman in my life that i’ve been inspired by, and i meet so many every day, and i always try to think about them when i’m designing, and what works for different types of women, and that’s always what’s in my mind. music royalty free / bandit & nikit - 2016