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Trend:Purple, Pink, Red, three colours to wear next season

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On all the catwalks, the experiments with depth and movement, the effects of textures and sometimes simply the desire for change are represented through colour. more daring and researched, it installs itself either sparingly or in the entire look and the designers don’t do things by halves when they like a colour. (interview alessandra facchinetti)a desire for colours with 3 tones that prevail for the new season and that we really like: namely purple, pink and red. purple is always really appreciated and it offers a more varied panel than ever: mauve, lilac, aubergine, lavender, the famous <<purple>> which is like a little nod to prince, is worn more than ever.let’s move to the pink. since karl lagerfeld dared to put it everywhere in the last chanel fashion show. (interview karl lagerfeld)it’s the pink race, with those that are more powdery, romantic, soft bubble gum pink, flashy, and of course they bring along a good mood and joy, that they sprinkle everywhere. (interview arthur arbesser) finally red shows its flame. it has become a timeless colour to dare to use, full of symbols which installs itself on a detail, on a piece or even on the whole dress…ready to unleash passions and attract all eyes, perfect for making your mark. interview with alessandra facchinetti:i like the idea of playing with full colours, sometimes to give more of a sense of sportiness, but elegance at the same time and with strong colours. interview with karl lagerfeld: la vie en rose, it was beautiful, but it was more like strawberry sorbet. interview with arthur arbesser:i think colour is one of those elements that iceberg is really famous for, a sort of brave usage of colour. i think as long as you keep the shape really simple like here this green vinyl coat or here this really strong red. music royalty free / bandit & nikit - 2016