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John Casablancas, the man who adrored women by Hubert Woroniecki

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John casablancas, the man who adrored women emblematic founder and patron of the agency elite in 1970, john casablancas made naomi, linda and cindy the best ever super models. a cinematographic person with a life revolved around glamour and beauty, which the director, hubert woroniecki, chooses to tell us by putting his whole story, a fantasied and dream-like period of time, into images. the documentary film made by hubert woroniecki comes out on 19th june 2016 interview from hubert woroniecki:in 2009 i called john casablancas up and said i’d love to do a film that tells a story of history of fashion. that was really my subject from the 70s through to the 2000s with the creation of supermodels. because i wanted to do it in a cinema way, i said to him that i wanted him to tell his story and in the background i would have the whole evolution of fashion and all his designs. really he wasn’t someone who stemmed from fashion, but actually came to it not knowing much about it. being straight, which was rare, he adored women so he came into this field with a completely different viewpoint. he brought in, his type, of very different, beautiful women. everybody thought he had slept with the most beautiful women in the world because of the agency elite, but now we know that it’s the other way round, having slept with these beautiful women he came up with the agency. he was at the right place at the right time with these girls because at the end of the 80s with the grunge fashion happening, actresses didn’t want to be filmed or photographed at all any more on the red carpet in valentino, because they said that the trendy directors weren’t interested in that for their films so they suddenly preferred to be filmed on the streets in la with their dog picking up its droppings, so all glamour disappeared. so he needed personalities to represent that, and he actually had, at that time, girls who would correspond perfectly to that and who could do it. people know the faces of models but they don’t know their names, their lives, so he decided to make their personalities go public, he really pushed that idea. he gave everything more of a festive, joyous attitude and he approached the job in a very businesslike way, like someone in marketing saying how am i going to make me famous, my agency famous and principally my models famous!? he rang me in 2012 and said i’m just walking out the doctor, and i have got 6 months to live. so i immediately stopped what i was doing elsewhere so that i could concentrate on this film and i said to myself that it has to be exactly how he sees thing in his vision. he didn’t ask me to change one line that i had written, or change one picture that i had showed him, there was only really one place where he said no don’t do anything that could hurt my family, the rest you can do what you want with. music from the show/ do not reuse for more than 7 days after the show