Cannes Festival 2016 – The De Grisogono party invites as star guests Robert de Niro & Kim Kardashian

InterviewsFawaz Gruosi, founder of De Griso gono knows exactly how to entertain by organizing one of the biggest nights in the Hotel du Cap- Eden-Roc by mixing stars, shows, concerts and a fashion show with the latest pieces of jewelry. Not to mention the surprises unveiled in grand style like this magnificent, pure, exceptional diamond of 404 carats, dazzling in clarity, making of course both men and women highly envious...Interviews from Kim Kardashian, Milla Jovovich, Bella Hadid & Fawaz GruosiKim Kardashian:I am so happy to be here for all the times I have been here and I heard this is the party to be at! Milla Jovovich:I am very excited to be here because it is Cannes and it is a beautiful party I love de grisogono jewelry and I had my first movie performed here in Cannes, The Fifth Element, so it has always held a dear place in my heart.Bella Hadid:I am so excited, I have just got in from Australia just for this, I am so excited, I am tired but I get to wear the beautiful diamonds so.Fawaz Gruosi:It is not important; I said that 15 years ago and I am here after 15 years, I think it is the most magical place that exists in FranceKim Kardashian: The biggest secret is that it is all mine once the party is done, right, right!? Fawaz Gruosi:Tell her we have to get married, it is too much! Music free of rights : Bandit & Nikit

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