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Hyères Festival 2016: Hanne Jurmu and Anton Vartiainen are winners of the Chloé Prize

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For the fifth consecutive year, the chloé house partners and sponsors the hyères festival by asking 10 participant designers to create a silhouette loyal to the spirit of the parisian label. a concrete style exercise for these young designers and talents of the future, which is accompanied by a grant of 15,000 euros for the winner. and the winner is the finnish duo hanne jurmu and anton vartiainenwith interviews from geoffroy de la bourdonnaye, hanne jurmu & anton vartiainengeoffroy de la bourdonnaye:it is really a festival that not only seeks out young and upcoming designers but to also give them ways to be able to advance in an environment, an ecosystem which is extremely favourable of talented people and blossoming these talents.why do we do a chloé prize? it is not only an interest for chloé, it is also because we love that the word chloé in greek means a young bud and gaby aghion, chloé’s founder right from the start wanted to have young designers, so this was kept up and ever since, chloé has always had young designers. so we really have a dynamic vibe, so there is an interest for chloé but also an interest to really realise and identify a designer’s capacity to enter into a brand. it is a double interest, an interest to really give a new exercise to the new designers but it is also in chloé’s interest to evolve this chloé girl attitude which is always a mix of this free spirit, a free independent, very feminine, gracious, elegant lady. hanne jurmu & anton vartiaine:about two years ago we started working together at school. we worked in this one room with two other guys doing our own things and then we figured out we would be stronger together by exchanging information instead of keeping it a secret. music free of right: bandit & nikit