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Best of Milan Fashion Week- Womenswear collections Autumn Winter 2016/17

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Milan is not just about the dolce vita and gastronomic pleasures, but a city expressed through fashion...milan is recognized for its dynamism. and from day one the italian prime minister, matteo renzi, came to support the industry and italian fashionthe new gucci phenomenon opened the fashion week with opulence and glamor. gucci mania is photographed in the street. the florentine house attracts the crowds and francois -henri pinault (the brand owner). alessandro michele is the new god who resurrected the label preaching a new form of nostalgic, modern, flamboyant and creative femininity, all at the same time! a miracle that all houses are quick to follow. it may signal the big comeback of roberto cavalli under the leadership of peter dundas after a slightly off colour first season, the designer should be smiling backstage; his girls had class, sensuality, desirability, and were full of confidence. italy is a first and foremost traditional savoir faire; this is the case at fendi, who surprises us every season extolling a merited luxury (counter to the see now, buy now) we find a creativity at prada, spearhead of italian fashion, in a collection mixing textures and patterns for a tantalising silhouettethe family spirit is found at missoni preparing, joy is contagious in milan and despite the rain, the colours explode, fashion takes to the streets. other mood settings: still so extravagant at philipp plein and enchanting at dolce & gabbana and even in artistic performances with vanessa beecroft at tod's, mixing fashion with art.but italy also has a new face, a modern italy, which is transformed with innovative and impressive buildings.versace follows suit by presenting a sharpened and dynamic fashion, with a glamorous cast and the image of gigi hadid revealing a breast and creating the buzz.we can account for the emergence of a new generation of designers: marco de vincenzo, stella jean, arthur arbesser, massimo giorgetti who bring real positive energyto summarize, the italian fashion week is a mix & match of modernity, boldness, sophistication, in short an inspiring and brilliant season!!!!!!interviews from: damaris goddries, carlo capasa, karl lagerfeld, vanessa beecroft, anna dello russodamaris goddries:everybody is late, just calm down! everybody looks very good here and the food is amazing!carlo capasa:it is very beautiful that the prime mister finally supported the fashion week because the fashion week represents something very important and very special for italy, we present all our brands and all our creativity and it is nice to have the government beside us because it is very important to be a system today in a global world and to be a system we need everybody to be together. karl lagerfeld: “the see now buy now”, distorts the whole purpose, if it’s done very in advance, we would no longer have a desire and above all there wouldn’t be any more press or write-ups. there is no time to photograph the clothes because if you give them to a photographer before they’re released, there would be media and phone leaks. no secret can be kept these days! vanessa beecroft:at the same time i was trying to maintain some elements of my work that are usually a little bit provocative and it has issues of women, bodies, race and skin. anna dello russo:italia is back!music free of right : bandit & nikit