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Stella McCartney - WOMENSWEAR collection Autumn-Winter 2016/17 in Paris (with interviews)

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Location: opéra garnier, parisinspiration: stella evokes her heritage, uses her history, her basics and what she loves to create a new collection around a play on proportions, volumes, tailoring and light dressesfocus: the ultra-short or engulfing puffer jackets in various sizes, even in a short version + ultra-light dresses in lace+ pleated skirts made in 3 or 4 layers, in different sized cuts+ the dresses & sweaters in knit that slip on+ the washed denim note: swans printed on a blouse, a dress, sweater & urban, sportswear trend shoes, with zips & the jewellery: cylindrical, colourful and precious interviews from stella mccartney, louis hamilton & paul mccartneystella mccartney:what i did this season was just really look at the stella woman and the stella wardrobe and i just wanted to bring back our heritage and everything that we have done in previous collections and the way we dress women i wanted to put it together for them in a new way and just to update it and make it fresh. i put foil prints on top of pleats so that when they open there was a sort of magic movement and then i just wanted to slice into the perfection and then i had tulle pleated underneath there was a lot of layering a lot of windows through but it was about taking the stella basics and slicing them and cutting them and puffing them. last season we did the fake fur and this season i wanted to do a fake down because you know a lot of puffer jackets have the goose down and it is really cruel so i wanted to create an alternative in a fashionable way. louis hamilton: it is a completely different world to what i do and when i come here it is a really creative world where the artists express themselves /the designers express themselves through their looks and i am blown away by what they are thinking when they design these things, so that is what i love to come and see. paul mccartney:i think she is a great designer and obviously for me she is just my little baby but i thought the show was very young very wearable. music of the show, (donot reuse for more than 7 days after the show)