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Michael Kors- Fashion show- WOMEN'S collection Autumn-Winter 2016/17 in New York (with interview)

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Inspiration: the michael kors’ "instaglam ". today's woman but of any age, attracted to the casual chic ... the designer cites catherine deneuve, alexa chung, diana ross and blake livelyfocus: feathers, brocades, sequins, fur, delicate dresses and blouses.note: the first silhouette embodied by freja with a navy pea coat, a shirt in georgette silk and jeans embroidered with feathersinterview from michael kors:i think this collection is my inspiration to individual style, so when people say, 'who is the michael kors woman?', well we have so many different kinds of clients: we have teenagers, we have women in their 70’s, we have petite woman, we have tall women, women from around the globe and they all have in common that they are women who inspire me, they are the women who enjoy fashion. they understand the joy of getting dressed so it’s everyone from catherine deneuve, alexa chung, blake lively to lee radziwill. then it’s about breaking the rules because personal style is about breaking the rules, these women are all rule breakers; so it’s about wearing tweed with flowers, its wearing metallic gold for day time, its wearing a sweatshirt for a black tie party and it is wearing spring colours for fall/winter season, or putting on an apple green coat on a grey snowy day. the world is changing quickly so right now, we can see fashion is changing, the seasons have shifted the boarders have disappeared so it is exciting. we have more customers now who are engaged and are part of the process so it is exciting today that she will be able to watch the show and there are pieces that she will be able to buy immediately. it is not the whole collection; my customer doesn’t even pay attention to the seasons. music of the show, (donot reuse for more than 7 days after the show)